The Frowz Pond

The Frowz Pond is a multi-platform HTML5 free online game that explores minimalistic design and resolution independent gameplay. The Frowz Pond isn’t about reaching a high score, or about buying weapon upgrades. It’s about relaxing and exploring a beautiful world. I’m the creature in the middle, with a blue skin and an orange loop inside.You are a pond creature, swimming around. The point of the online game is to eat smaller creatures and avoid the bigger creatures (just like Osmos and … duh, real life). Since there isn’t a set of detailed instructions, all I can tell you so far is that the colors and inner details (loops of white, orange, or blue) determine how well you grow. There’s a science to this, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that is part of the online game, to figure it out. The game is slow and soothing, and I love it. And here’s me, the pond scum creature. I’ve eaten another creature and so I have two blue loops inside me. I’m not bigger but I’m better. When I eat another creature,I have three blue shapes inside my orange skin. I’m tough! But there are bigger pond creatures and one eats me! And the game is over! So, how cool is that? Very cool! It might be nice to have a bit more clue on what kinds of smaller creatures you can eat, but I’ll keep playing because it is fun. And it might be nice to have soothing music in the background (like Osmos) but at least I get a sound effect when I eat something. And you can turn off the sound effects by hitting that little dual note symbol up at the top right. More html5 mobile phone games only on!