Sift Heads World 2

Welcome to the online game Sift Heads Worlds- Act 2. All you have to do is to start by explaining some important things to do in this game online shooter that will help a lot when you play Sift Heads World online, Safe House is the place where you can reload ammunition in weapons, increase your life back, to purchase new weapons in your inventory that you have bought with money earned, and here you can enrich shooting practice scenes. In this shooting game, you can use the car to access the SSM map and move to different locations. There is also a gun store and a clothing store on the map where you can buy new weapons and clothes ?? Č in keeping with its mission, with the money you collect in the game. Try to complete as many missions to collect as much money as possible. After completing the game, you will unlock a costume Kiro more special, which will then be available in store ombracaminte Tokyo. All you need in this game is lot of skill and a lot of concentration to be able to shoot them the villains of the opponent. Great watch every move of the opponent! We wish you good luck and thank you for visiting game only!