Puzzle Nuts

Puzzle Nuts free online game is finally out only on Frowz.com!
With its enchanting graphics and music, the game offers you a chance to play with physics to collect all the nuts ! Activate and deactivate all the mechanisms (fan, wheel, barrels, etc..) and try to reach the 3 stars in all levels! The amazing 3D models and animations as well as the zen-soundtrack will make you enjoy the game!
Fall in love with Puzzle Nuts today, unlock exciting new levels in this fun, physics-based game! unity 3d games 48 levels, more levels to come soon!Collect all the stars!Sort the different colours nuts into the good basket!Play with all the mechanisms to find the good path!Amazing Graphics!For Phone and Tablet !3D mechanisms and animation!”5/5 – Amazing Graphics” – APPZI”9/10 – Must Have” – PLAY4Puzzle nuts has been designed and programmed by passionate video game artists, please leave a positive review if you are having fun with it ! More unity 3d games on Frowz.com!

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