Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3 is a online game which will now have to escape the police. Light were driving your car, when you suddenly appeared a pedestrian who misses you and is behind you and the police, and now follows you. To escape the police pursuit you will have to jump from one car to another, using the Z key and left and right key before or depends on where you jump. Only way you can get rid of police cars following you. Be careful not to jump into the void for the risk to die and you have to replay the game from the beginning. Game Freeway Fury 3 is a crazy driver who must reach the destination by any means, even jumping from one car to another. Play this car and helps the driver to reach the final destination before time runs out. Hold Z key to get out of the car and release it when you want to jump in another car. UP ARROW activate nitro with several racing games just!