Fire Boy and Water Girl The Forest Temple

This online game for kids is the first collection of games that are played in two from the same computer with Fire Boy and Water Girl. The game takes place in a setting at the same time very beautiful but mysterious temple in a dark forest, therefore includes elements of nature such as leaves and the dominant color is green living. There are three types of levels in the game, so in some of them, your mission is to help the two “brothers” to arrive as quickly as possible to the exit, collecting as many doamante, all right, if possible, the final score to be as high. Then there are levels that seem quite similar, but the characters move at once and it slows the game. Lastly, there are episodes in which your mission will be to take the green diamond, and then you head to the exit.
It is important to remember that this game can not pass through the water boy and girl can not pass through the fire, and green lake kills them both. Also, the girl can only collect the diamonds blue and red ones only boy.
Degree of difficulty of the levels gradually increase, and players will need to activate a series of levers, valves, knobs, levers to reach the final episodes requiring more and more thinking to be done. The game can be played in two or one of the same computer, play more games in only two!