Crime city 3d

Crime City is one of the newest games that appeared in the shooting category, in which you must give proof of skill and agility to meet the challenges of each mission. You will be in a city and in every mission will have to shoot a certain number of bad guys. In the first mission must remove 150 enemies. The game is timed so try as quickly to destroy them to get more points. You can throw grenades to destroy multiple enemies at once because you get more points. You can pull the car to explode and destroy nearby enemies. With the shift you to slow down time for a few seconds so you can shoot enemies. You will need to move with the keys w, a, s, d and the mouse to drag and throw grenades. The city will find new weapons, money and life. If you run out of lives you have to start playing from the beginning.
Use the mouse to shoot and w, a, s, d to move, space to jump and shift to slow time
In addition to the tips above and please be careful in the game Crime City where you will be given instructions thoroughly that you need to play several 3D games only!

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