Counter Strike Portable

Get ready for one of the most popular games online shooter game that filled during each child, and still does with great success shooter game Counter Strike Portable. We sure can not wait to play, but before to present a unity 3d game content, even if perhaps you’ve played so far. You will be able to choose your play as a cop, to fight terrorism and to preserve the safety of citizens, or you can be a terrorist, with which you can plant bombs, you’ll be able to shoot civilians without any problems, and is in constant flight police present. No matter who you choose to be, definitely will be a very hard game. For each class, police or terrorists are different weapons, although some municipalities. The game has two versions of the game, single player, and multiplayer, if you want to play against friends, or strangers on the internet. Do your duty cop / terrorist, and try to finish each mission with flying colors. Stay on that will bring you and other jocusoare very beautiful.

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