Baby allergy attack

Little Barbie is very excited every time we bring to you a new game with babies she is present as the main character, because of course this means that you can have fun again great with her, spending all kinds the beautiful moments and fun, of course. It looks like tiny Barbie, in a beautiful summer day, decided to spend all day in the garden, fresh air, tiny You can join in via leaflets while trying to colored, to caress the cat with she also smell the wonderful fragrance and flowers. Yet here as a date Barbie grabbed her kind of attack and allergic filled with all sorts of bumps tomatoes that have started to eat cleanly, began to be clogging noses and tears and other such reactions . Barbie is very upset and does not know what to do so I need you to help her ASCAP this allergic reaction, of course using drugs and generally the treatment that gave you the game. Then, to make sure that it has cheered least, you can dress in the finest clothes, feel and prettiest more games babies only!